Running Cry Engine and Setting up a New Level

In lab go to start menuAll programs there is a folder called Crytec Cry Engine.

Double Click – Takes a while to load

You will see a login window. (You have to be online to use this program and you will need to create an account)

Click Create an account – It will take you to a screen you will need to scroll down click Agree.

It will send you an email, open and confirm and follow instructions.

After created account

LoginCreate a new project

To create a new Project FileNew – Will ask you what resolution.

Leave it at the size that it already is: 1024 x 1024 1 unit or 2 that is a kilometer by a kilometer (the bigger it is the more processing power required and potentially more issues).

Name the Level 134_ last name_01 – ok

Come up with how you want to identify the project – you need to scroll down to global shareok – This creates a level for us- when it comes through there is a lot of water down the bottom.

For this project only use water if you really want to

To turn off – Terrain- Edit TerrainModifyRemove water. That will get rid of the water

To find the level use the following tools:

Change Speed bottom of the screen 1 Slow 10 Fast

W – Forward

A – Left

S – Back

D – Right

Right Mouse Key – Pan around space in Editor

Start off with you will want to come down close to the ground and then – hit Ctrl G is play mode – Ignore the gun

Now you can use the Navigation tools

You can see the time of day is changing you can change that later but now you have a level to jump in and out of you can other stuff later

Esc to go back to Editor

FileSaveGlobal ShareIs now saved.

Next tutorial is: How to bring a model in from sketch up.