Sketch Up Preparation for CryENGINE

Just so you get the hang of it:

Draw a quick little model in sketch up just to test it.

Texture it

Highlight all

Right Click Mouse or ctrl G

Make Component and Name It

Important to note: The Maximum faces per component is 6500


Open Entity Info under WindowEntity Info the name should show here.

Cry engine can be a bit temperamental so your model needs to be cleaned up. Especially when it comes to the faces of your model. There are front faces and back faces.

If your model has back faces they will need to be adjusted to front faces.


To check this there is a small play up tool palette. If you click the Check Normal’s box it will highlight in green any back faces. To fix this there are two options

#1 Right click on mouse – reverse faces.

#2 or go to Plug in – Start Front Face TM Tools this option is better when you have more than a couple to change.

Then uncheck the Check Normal’s Box

The other thing you should do is check that it is not to big:

WindowModel InfoStatisticsTick Show nested and looks at the faces section

The more faces the slower the computer will run. Curved surfaces have more faces so be aware of that.



Exporting Your File

Go to Play up get the latest build and install it into Sketch up

Run PlayUpTools.exe.

Install the files to your Google Sketch Up directory.

Run Sketch Up.

Go to WindowPreferences – Extensions and check the Play Up box to enable the plug-in.

Plug-inPlay upPreferences – Under Current Engine tick Crytec Cry Engine 3All nested measures exported as individual meshes – Then go to tab Cry Engine 3 – set the first box to the right folder.

You need to change the following file settings to where your files are otherwise they will be saved all over the place and you wont be able to locate them or open them.

Model Export Path:

C Drive – program files – cry engine – game- levels – level created in the last tutorial – Make new file in that file called objects – Ok

RC Path:

 Leave as is

There are three boxes with 0 0 0 in them you need to change the first 2 to have 512 and 512 this is so when you bring your model into cry engine you won’t have to search for it to much.

Then below that is Master MTL Options – Click the second box

 Save and Exit + ok + ok

 Now set up so you can export the level.

 Plug in – Play Up – Export Level – Ok – Close Sketch up/ minimize it

 In Cry Engine

Open up Cry engineLayers LoadImport LayersChoose Correct FileHit Open – In the distance you should see your model.

TerrainTerrain Collision (Q) this means when you run along the ground you won’t go through and under it.

When you zoom in on your model, the texture will be out of whack and should say replace me on it.

To fix this:

View – Open View Payne – Select Objects – Select all – View- Object View Payne – Material Editor. 

Select Play up Master (which is all your textures from Sketch up) – assign items to selected objects.

TerrainTime of daySet Play speed to 0 this means it will not speed through the day. Move the slider to change the time of day.

Helpful Tips


  • To Move in correct dimensions Click on the move tool – Hold CTRL Shift – this will tell you the distance between things.
  • To take a sniper shot go to start menu – all programs – accessories – take snipper shot – this is all that is required for mid-week review.

The bigger your window the more processing that is required