261 Visual Representation
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Project 02 “Re-Thinking Retail Space”

Studio: 224.251_2013_Project2 Brief

Visual Representation: 224.261_p2_2013 Brief

Materials and Making: 224.271_p2_2013 Brief


Week 08

Complete the site model in Vectorworks from your site visit measurements.

Complete 3 quick digital sketch responses inside the vectorworks site model that respond to your chosen “spatial concepts” (fold, wrap, layer etc)

Site Analysis

A required handin for vis rep is a site analysis or “an image or series of images that describe various site information, including but not limited to either: spatial qualities, materiality, programme, history, sun paths, weather data, geographic data and/or dimensions etc that shows the site before any new design work is undertaken, eg; as it exists”

Example of an exceptional Site Analysis: INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION FOR ARCHITECTURE AND LANDSCAPING DESIGN CONCEPT FOR ZARYADYE PARK brief and expression of interest document
Look at and read the plans, timelines and site photo’s in this document, how are they represented? What information do they convey?
Keep in mind that the Zaryadye brief is for a particular audience (design professionals), what is your audience? (retail businesses?) What information are you trying to convey and to whom? (information about the site that influences your concept or that your design responds to?)


Week 07

Sign up for a free student vectorworks license here: student.myvectorworks.net/(You’ll need to supply a scan of your student id)

You are able to download the software directly from that site or there are vectorworks DVDs you can use to install on your personal computer floating around the spatial design students. Ask your classmates or see Oli to get a DVD.

Follow Stu’s Vectorworks Tutorial: http://vimeo.com/10837737 so that you are prepared for the Week 08 modelling session.







Images from either fabriciomora.tumblr.com/ or juliusnielsen.tumblr.com/


Project 01

Project 1 Brief 224.261 2013


Visual Narrative









Plans and Sections

Plan, Section and Elevation are architectural drawing conventions that communicate 3D space in a 2D format.




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