224.257 Design Studio IIa (Spatial)

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224.257 Design Studio IIa (Spatial) (30 Credits)

Note important details are under the heading ‘Learning Outcomes’.


Like other ‘275’ offerings across the College, this Spatial Design paper will consist of 2 projects. Please follow these links to project pages.

Puna: homely (re)sources (weeks 1-6) 50%

Kaitiakitanga: homegrown resilience (7-12) 50%

Link here to the blogs of your peers:

Luuk A

David A

Rachel B

Finn B (click the ‘x’ for the second project)

Emma C

Rachel C

Kayla D

Madison D

Xavier E

Anna E

Saphera F

 Natalie H

Leanna H

Emma K

Josh L

Alex L

Brad M

Carla M

Andy M

Sarai N

James N

Steph O’S

Janoo P

Birzinya O

Emma S

Helena S

Emma T

Emma W

Jessica W

Alex W

Amelia W

Danielle W

Ethan W


Last modified: June 10, 2014