Puna: homely (re)sources

Te Puna can be translated as well spring or source. It is a watery term, suggesting things that, while powerful (like a river carves the landscape), is also flexible. We see -puna appearing in words like Tipuna ~ ancestors and Mokopuna ~ grandchildren. Te Puna is the past and leads to the future.

Thinking of the ‘well spring’ of Spatial Design encourages us to consider how we actually know and experience space, at an intimate 1:1 scale. In other words, how everyday existence ‘produces space’ (think of Stu’s introduction to Lefebvre).

It also asks us to interrogate the ‘origin’ of the design: is it with the designer who plans (produces representations of) the space, the construction team who build the space, or the client who raised the ‘problem’ of the space in the first place.

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To complete aspects of this project you will need to use the Laser Cutter. Go here to see which session you enrolled in. Please review the Workshop Safety Manual for 2014 prior to arriving in the Workshop. [REMEMBER to wear sensible shoes for this session please.] I advise doing a right-click ~ ‘download linked file’ to save the manual for future reference.

This project will be divided into 4 stages.  Specific tasks and references for each stage will be posted here:

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Stage Four.

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