Submitting Project 1 – Puna

For analogue work (drawings and models) – there will be a clearly labelled shelving unit in the Studio space on which you can leave work. Please make sure that all work is labeled, and if possible, models need to be in a box (i will try to leave some for this purpose).

This shelf will be ready to receive work from 5pm Wednesday, and will get wheeled away to a secure environment at 5.30pm on Friday night. If you miss the shelf, please email me.

For digital submission please ‘zip’ the folder of all your work, and give it a name following the convention:


This is discussed in more detail as file naming conventions.

Please do not send me documents in .psd, .ai, .skp, or .ppt/.pptx format. If you have a file with any of these suffixes please open and ‘save as’ or ‘export’ or ‘print’ a .pdf. I do not want to receive any whole SketchUp models (.skp) only images (or movies) from the model. Dwg files are okay.

To ‘zip’: reveal the context menu (on Mac do a right or control click) for the folder of your work. Select ‘compress file’ as in the following image. The file is copied as a grey thing and ‘zip’ has been added to the file name.

Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 2.51.07 pm

Submit a copy of this ‘zip’ file to the 224257 dropbox located on the Network, on the wel-file6 server, in the ‘Spatial’ drive… If this server is not visible, in ‘Finder’ use the ‘Go’ menu to connect to ‘Network’.

With any luck a window will appear with the following file path options:

Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 2.57.15 pm

Email Kate if this is not working for you.

Last modified: April 2, 2014