Detail project

In this exercise you are to design a detail for another class member to fabricate at 1:1 via construction drawings. This assignment requires you to select a detail that encompasses the design concept of your design. This may be where two dissimilar materials meet, for example concrete to steel, glass to timber, plastic to aluminum, etc or where town elements meet, wall to floor.

Stair at Olivetti by Carlo Scarpa [More information]

You will need to quickly make the decision on which detail within your design meets this requirement, and explore the various methods of fabrication in order to build it. After completing your drawings you will then pass your drawing details onto someone else in the class to build. (This is up for negotiation dependent on groups etc)

In some cases this may be straightforward, in others it will require innovative investigation and solutions.



Complete a detail sections of where the two materials meet; your drawings are to be drawn in VectorWorks or Revit. This detailed junction will specify the relevant materials and dimensions required for fabrication. It might also be a good idea to include a exploded diagram, plan, and elevation.


1:1 Fabrication:

Construct this junction in the workshop at a full scale.

Last modified: January 6, 2015