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Tinana refers to the actual, main part or core of something, including the self. Whakatinana is to make manifest concepts or ideas, to be able to realise your individual or collective aspirations in tangible form. This concept recognises that the process of actualisation is connected both to an individual’s or group’s aspirations and the framework or structures (social, political, cultural, historical) within which they operate. As a process, whakatinana respects that there will be challenges in the world and that every challenge should be taken seriously and planned for with due caution. Accepting challenges and acknowledging the importance of your support structures, including valuing the contribution of others and thorough preparation, fosters mutual respect.

Course overview

“In this course you will explore a specific design research topic chosen by the student. Spatial design processes are applied to resolve the complexities of a design research project to an in-depth level of detail and inhabitation. You will develop a design brief that formulates a critical position in relation to spatial design, establishing tangible links between theory and practice to identify design processes to generate a design research response.” (


Course information:

Office hours sign up sheet

Supervisor feedback form – please complete this form when have met with a staff member. This will help us to keep up to date with where you are at and follow up on action points as required.


Week 1

-Introduce the course.  Talk through the brief.

-Discuss and workshop responses to research project questions.

For next session, Friday 28th July:

  • Bring a found object* that captures/expresses/enunciates/… your project at the moment/as it is now/what you are chewing on.

*has to be a thing, for example, if your found object is a car you need to bring a car rather than an image of a car unless you mean for that [the image of the car] to be your ‘thing’!

Week 2

-Tabling exercise

-Introduction of spatial design staff research and areas of expertise

-Discussion about research clusters.  Re-cluster, as required/decided

-Address ethics

-Sharing form responses

Week 3 

-Workshop and tutorial with Sven Mehzoud on The Performance Paradigm -performance of the everyday and mapping techniques to analyse and design a process for your research project. 

-Discuss seminar format and requirements

-Review drafts of individual project briefs

Seminar/Week 4 information:

-5 minutes, 10 slides

-The class will be split into 2 groups.  1 group will present in 10C19 and the other group in 11B. Format: 4 people present followed by workshopping. Repeat. Groups posted by Tuesday.

-Reminder to have a site (could be multiple, could purposefully no site etc.)

 Link to seminar groups, spaces and format 

NOTE: Stream will be down from Friday next week .  

Week 5

Studio – We will be having studio in 11A (your studio!).  Please be ready at your group’s allocated time with your ‘tabling’ for this week arranged at your desk/area. We are proposing a start time of 12.30. Please let Julieanna or I know if you cannot make the early start time if this applies to you.


 Julieanna  Meg
12:30 Sopanha 12:30 Irina
Anna Joe
Zoe Greer
Chris Vanessa
1:30 Liv 1:45 Molly S
Bryony Sarah
Molly B Rochelle
Elliot Pieta
2:30 Greta 2:45 Liam
Connor Bamboo
Helen Amber
Bree  Maddy
3:30 Cassandra 3:30 Will
Emily Emma C
Etanah Megan

-This is the correct information re. Stream being down this week and next: Stream will be completely unavailable from Friday next week, reviving again some time before Thursday morning. (Offline 18th – 23rd eod)

Week 6

We have a few things happening this week! Please read this information carefully.

Friday’s session will begin at 12.30 in 11B with a brief introduction to Exposure 2017.

From 1pm there will be workshops and tutorials running alongside each other.

This is the link to the sign up sheet for the skills workshops. These workshops are based on the feedback you gave last week via Facebook.  For each workshop you will need to come prepared with questions and some work to provide context about your project for those who are running the workshop. Sign up for a workshop by 10am Wednesday. 

We will publish the tutorial groups (with Julieanna and Meg)  on Wednesday afternoon after we know when you will be in workshops.

For your sessions (in your studio again this week)  with Julieanna and Meg, please organise what you have produced so far at your desk area, make it visible so we can draw, compare, scale and understand the spatial concerns of the project as a whole.


Week 7-12 – Update to schedule

We have made some changes to the schedule for the remainder of the semester, these are outlined below.  We would like to encourage you to think about your ‘in progress’ – with time (6 weeks) to be designing, developing, detailing and responding to feedback your project. This time is most usefully spent when we can see your work, to respond to what is there. This is our focus for the second half of the semester, physically seeing/showing/bringing/testing your project, in progress, as it progresses.

Week 7: Formative assessment. Install or present your work in the format that best fits with where you are at with the project. No ‘powerpoint’ presentations.

Format: 1. 1 hour walk around and feedback on the work as it is presented (similar to the tabling exercise we did in week 2).  2. Split into 2 groups 1.30pm, 11mins per student for presentation and feedback.

If you would like to record your feedback or presentation please organise this between each other. Meet in studio 11b, ready to go at 12.30.

Please complete this information form by Wednesday 13th September 10 am so that Meg can make groupings and a run sheet.

Week 8: Studio session tutorials

Week 9: Studio session tutorials + workshops

Week 10: Exhibition and installation workshop in the Tea Gardens

Week 11: Presentations. Developed designs/appropriate detailing + first draft of exhibition design

Week 12: Exhibition and submission of exhibited materials.  Exhibition pack down tbc.

Updated blog, including exhibition documentation due Monday of week 13.  Please ensure you have completed this form with your blog link:

Week 7 – Formative assessment.

Please be set up and ready to go by 12.30.

12.30-1.30: walk around and feedback on the work as it is presented (similar to the tabling exercise we did in week 2).

1.30-4.30/5: Get into groups. Link to presentation groups 

Present work, get feedback.  11mins total per student.

Week 11, 12 + Exposure information

Week 11:

  • Complete ‘Week 12 exhibition’ form by Tuesday 10th October 5pm. 75 words can be completed by Tuesday 17th October.
  • Presentations. Set up Thursday afternoon or between 12-12.30. Link to presentation groups.
  • Format: 45mins walk around and written feedback. 1.15-~5pm presentations in 2 groups, 11mins per student.

Week 12:



Due to the high number of prints during the end of the semester we won’t be accepting new files for printing after Wednesday the 18th  Oct (9:00am). Therefore, students won’t be able to submit new files using our Stream page. After the cutoff date, our Large format print  link/page will be offline.  Please allow yourself enough time, plan ahead or look for alternative places to print in case your files won’t be ready by this date.

  • Furniture delivered to Tea Gardens Thursday 19th after 1pm. Set up time will be from 12pm as there is a class scheduled in the Tea Gardens on Friday morning. If you are in an alcove space you may be able to set up on Thursday and leave signs up to not disturb your work.

Friday, 20th October:

  • Students who are using 10C19 and The Lighting Studio need to be set up by 3pm so that Julieanna and I can assess your work on Friday. You will need to pack down your work by 9am Tuesday if you are using 10C19.
  • Everyone else please set up by 4.30pm.

You will need to pack down your work between 12pm-2pm Thursday 26th October. We will be marking and moderating on Tuesday and Wednesday, please don’t remove your work before then.

Exposure Gallery form: You were sent an email from Jeannette Troon via Stream with a link to this form today (Monday 9th October). Exposure Gallery FormPlease ensure Julieanna or Meg have proofed your  75 word project description (see Week exhibition form linked earlier in this post) before you complete this form. UPDATE: The blurbs that were loaded into the Google sheet have been edited. The due date for this form is 24 October. The form does require to upload images and a bio so we’d encourage you to leave yourselves some to complete this.

Submission requirements:

Friday 20th October 3pm (Lighting Studio and 10C19)/4.30pm: Exhibition set up complete

Tuesday 24th October 9am: Digital submission via dropbox on Stream of your project.  Blog updated with exhibition documentation. Please ensure you have completed this blog form. 

Last modified: October 20, 2017