Design Studio IIA – Kaitiakitanga
heritage kaitiakitanga: city, sites and narratives
raumlaborberlin Spacebuster

raumlaborberlin Spacebuster



Develop an understanding of the term kaitiakitanga and how it can become an informing principle for understanding social and cultural sustainability through heritage.


This project responds to aspects of kaitiakitanga. It examines guardianship of our environment, including our cultural but also dynamic heritage, as well as our natural resources. It therefore includes broader ideas of ‘sustainability’ and ethical considerations. It encourages you to think about our built heritage, our urban environment, our monuments, objects, and stories that shape our connection to place, and which all support the construction of identity and sense of belonging.  Equally important to a spatial practice is to consider the origins and impact of the materials with which to build space and the project will ask you to research and analyse the choices you make for your design.

Kaitiakitanga begins with a holistic understanding of how the environment and the people within it exist in balance, and a care to maintain that balance. What is your role as a creative practitioner in negotiating that balance? How does your work impact on the environment and on people through its manufacture, or its content, or its use?


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Last modified: April 13, 2018