Design Studio IIA – Puna

Marije Vogelzang Dining Experience

Ritual Investigations – Performative Space

Te Puna can be translated as well spring or source. It is a watery term, suggesting things that, while powerful (like a river carves the landscape) is also flexible. We see puna appearing in words like Tipuna ~ ancestors and Mokopuna ~ grandchildren. Te Puna is the past and leads to the future.

Puna is understood in this context as the wellspring of ideas and knowledge. Ideas don’t just come from nowhere but have their own whakapapa (lineage or genealogy) –  they come from our everyday practices, from communities, from our heritage, from other designers, artists and from clients. In using and developing those ideas, we need to be aware of where they have come from, so we can contextualise, articulate through ‘design and make’ in a conscious way.



The aim of this project is to observe, and understand the performances of everyday life and how they structure spatial experiences. This happens on a large or small scale, in the city, at work, during dinner, as a social experience or an individual experience. Underlying these are the personal and collective behaviours that we undertake, informally or formally through everyday or private rituals. Initial explorations into the performance of space during the first few weeks and the learning from it will subsequently be applied to the design of a profound spatial experience.

In addition, experiments with drawing, video, light and materiality will provide cues as to the ways in which an abstract concept might be activated through the manipulation of objects, materials, space and experience. At the same time, you will be introduced to the conventions spatial representation, and combined with your experimentations, will offer a new [spatial] design process to aid in the understanding, development and communication of your project


Last modified: February 23, 2018