Design Studio IIB – Koha
place making + light + structure

Tutors: Sven Mehzoud and Tony De Goldi
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Introduction and Aim

For the remainder of the semester we will examine the theme of koha through the idea of place making. Koha addresses ideas of gift, of reciprocity and exchange, and for this project it simply means to explore how you can offer a place where community can foster. What can Massey University offer students and the general public – both seen as the targeted community – to revisit the heart of the museum building, and to identify with the provided spaces as a ‘place’?


Koha is a gift freely given. How can you acknowledge your clients or your collaborators or communities you have worked with through your creative work? How can you cement and nurture ongoing relationships through giving something back or giving something away (whether that be a physical object, or your time or expertise)? How might you celebrate the outcomes for all parties involved? What is the relationship between gifter and gifted, and the possible indedebtness associated with this exchange? How can koha relate to hospitality, and social interaction and gatherings, to generate social action?

Process and Outcomes

For the remainder of the semester you will drive your project through place making, lighting and structure. These three drivers will ensure that you complete the semester with a comprehensively considered design proposal. It will not only takes your initial concept to further depths but you will learn how lighting and structure are also important ways of making design decisions. The end result will need to demonstrate that you are competent at a range of spatial design strategies and that you can design and represent a spatial proposition to an intermediate level.


8:30am: All meet in the Tea Garden for hand in of poster and models. We will select 6 projects that we take to D Floor in Block12 for a short 1 hour pin up and exchange with all the other Year 2 students in the BDes – they have their work pinned up there already. We will have coffee and muffins. This is followed by a pin up of our work in the corridor of the Tea Garden.

FOR THURSDAY STUDY THE READING ON PLACE MAKING – Questions to consider: what is place making; what purpose does it have; what are its key strategies and examples; and how can this approach to spatial design be useful for the Great Hall proposition and your approach to the creation of a community?




9am. Meet in Spatial Studio for the introduction to the second assignment running from Week 7-12 and which explores Koha in Spatial Design.

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