Design Studio IIIA – Whitiwhiti Kōrero

Whitiwhiti kōrero: wā ako | learning space

Whitiwhiti kōrero is the process of developing discourse through the verbal exchange of ideas; it suggests the sparking or generation of discussion. This includes the establishment and negotiation of positions and discourses to establish a kaupapa (platform/agenda) and work towards an outcome.


The aim of this project is to explore how spaces might support learning. It is also about how processes of spatial design practice might stimulate and facilitate transformative conversations (whitiwhiti kōrero and wānanga) around learning spaces. Together with our clients/users, we will learn to think critically about learning spaces – to ‘see learning space differently’ through spatial design.

Brief 2018

Schedule 2018

Session 1.1
  • Mihi
  • Intro to course and project
  • Workshop – learning space ?
  • Parking Day intro and groups

whiteboard 27 Feb

Whiteboard from Week 1 studio session, Monday 27 Feb


  • Parking Day
    • Visit and measure carparks (carefully!) and tape out (with low tack tape) in Tea Gardens
    • Develop and prototype Parking Day concept ready to test on Friday
    • More info about Parking Day here
    • You will be given a budget of $150 per group toward your material costs
  • Readings
    • go to the readings folder via the link on Stream
    • go to the ‘directions and list of readings’, choose a reading and put your name next to it
    • do the reading (articles are in the readings folder, books are in the studio in the purple shelves for use in the studio, please do not take them away)
    • create an A3 (landscape) visual snapshot of key terms and concepts from the reading to share with your classmates
  • Set up a blog and fill out the blog address form below

Link to blog address form

Session 1.2
  • Parking Day prototyping, testing and iterating
  • Complete Parking Day proposals

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