Design Studio IIB – Ihi & Wehi
re-readings: designing the heart of a student community

Tutors: tbc
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The aim of this project is to explore how existing architectural/spatial and historical conditions of a site can become major drivers to develop spatial experiences. Site with all its complexity in this project is understood as a material itself with which to forge, design, transform, and adapt into spaces with new uses and functions – and at the same time providing hints of the original experiences of the previous environment – a rewriting or overwriting – a re-readings of original readings.

This project also examines the themes of ihi and wehi associated with the creative process and as a driver to address the intangible resonance within creative practices. It presents an acknowledgment that design is so much more than the sum of its component physical parts.


Ihi and wehi are complementary terms associated with emotional and psychological behaviour. Ihi can be described as an individual’s essential force, charisma, power or charm – which emanates throughout the creative process. Wehi, on the other hand, highlights the internalised feelings that occur in response to ihi.  Sometimes the terms dread or awe are commonly used to describe wehi. In this context, wehi is taken to mean the emotional response on the part of the observer.

How does your work make you feel? How does the work of others make you feel?  What effects, intentional or unintentional, does it provoke or generate? What energy or resonance does your work have for others?

Last modified: February 25, 2019