What is Spatial Design?

Spatial Design at Massey University, College of Creative Arts is the practice of imagining, forming and constructing spatio-temporal environments.

As an emerging discipline operating at the intersections of architectural, interior, urban, landscape, performance, event and digital design, spatial design explores transdisciplinary practices that challenge the ways in which we think, use and make places.

Spatial designers consider qualities of space, time and sensory inhabitation in order to choreograph experience in the design of places for people. By manipulating the stuff and structures of spatio-temporal environments, spatial designers activate atmospheres, facilitate relationships and provide a framework for behaviours and activities.

Our programme explores the corporeal and theoretical conditions of environments and events, offering opportunities to rethink built and virtual spaces in ways that are innovative, speculative, and mindful of the wellbeing of people and the planet.


Last modified: January 20, 2021