Building Codes

The New Zealand Building Code

All building work in New Zealand must comply with the Building Code. It is a performance-based code, which means it states how a building must perform in its intended use rather than describing how the building must be designed and constructed.

Link for downloadable PDF files


Timber-framed buildings

Provides methods and details for the design and construction of timber-framed structures not requiring specific engineering design. This Standard applies to residential buildings up to three-storeys high including multi-residential buildings, some commercial buildings and freestanding, uninhabited garages.

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To access NZS 3604 (Timber Framed Buildings) you need to login to the standards NZ website through Massey:

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After logging in through massey you can search for “NZS 3604” (or any other NZ standard)

You can then download a PDF of the standard:

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The Wellington District Plan

The Wellington City District Plan is a legal document that helps the Council manage the development of the city by regulating the environmental effects created by new buildings and activities.

The plan contains rules that may affect you if you are making a development or land-use proposal.

Link to the District Plan

Last modified: March 4, 2016