Master of Design 

In the Master of Design, you’ll produce innovative and responsive design work that is thoroughly grounded in design research methodologies and expertly realised, with the option to work with industry leaders. See more MDes degree details here. 

Spatial MDes Graduates 

Holly Downer
Plastic and the Sea Turtle, 2020. 

PlasticeAndTheSeaTurtle1 - Holly Downer-0-2344-0-1652
This spatial design research project set out to explore an empathetic and immersive experience through the medium of virtual reality (VR) to create awareness of our human impacts on sea life in response to the media reportage of a sea turtle inhaling a plastic straw.


PlasticeAndTheSeaTurtle3 - Holly Downer-0-2344-0-1652

Plastic and the Sea Turtle is a VR experience which visualises data in a manner which allows participants to experience a first-person perspective that is not typically accessible in our everyday lives. By taking on the perspective of a sea turtle, and experiencing the effect of human waste on the environment, it is suggested that the participant is prompted to have a more compassionate understanding of the plight of non-human beings, such as sea turtles.

Watch the full Virtual Experience here. 

Georgina Stokes
Aroha ki ō Tātou Kaimahi, 2020


Aroha ki ō Tātou Kaimahi rigorously re-imagines the process of designing traditional workplace environments in Aotearoa.

An educative and speculative experimental drawing practice of strategic plotting and dreamscaping translates archival mātauranga Māori systems of spatial mapping, concepts of cultural spatial sensibility and phenomenological Oceanic architectural methods into a workplace design context at the Iwikau Building in Ōtautahi.




This approach interrogates how our workplaces can better express Aotearoaness; our community values, indigenous culture, traditions and sense of place whilst contributing to the discourse of design decolonisation in Aotearoa.


Last modified: January 19, 2021