Master of Fine Arts

The Master of Fine Arts (MFA) has a strong collective philosophy: embed yourself in a rich dialogue about your creative practice. By bringing together students from design and fine arts, the MFA fosters intense conversations and exploration. See more details about the MFA Degree here.

Spatial MFA Graduates

Amber Strain
m o n o l o g g i n g  [V0.0.4], 2019

m o n o l o g g i n g  is an exploration into internet-mediated music mirco-genres, and how they can be realised through new installation techniques. Specifically Vaporwave was explored and evolved into a new form, and then juxtaposed with personal poetry expressed through C# code. By creating a mediatory space between the virtual and physical world, I was able to explore my collective generations cathartic and intimate relationships with machines.

Sopanha Kham
ទីជំរក (Shelter), 2019


ទីជំរក (Shelter) is a part of ជាប់ចំណង (Knotted) project. The installation consists of a fully interactive living room like space, mimicking a traditional Khmer household.  The documentary is a collaboration work with Jessica George, where we explore our confusion surrounding our individual diasporic identity and living between cultures. This documentary is a bridge between my identity as a Khmer person living here, longing to connect to Cambodia, and George, as a second-generation Indian migrant family, who is trying to navigate herself in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Last modified: January 19, 2021