Mozilla Hubs

Mozilla Hubs is a free online virtual meeting space designed for VR headsets and browsers. It is also an open source project that explores how communication in mixed reality can come to life. You can choose to set inside an existing virtual environment or build your own. 

Mozilla Hubs offers Spatial Designers an easily accessible platform to create, experiment and share digital environments constructed in SketchUp which many people can experience at the same time. 


A Guide to getting started with Mozilla Hubs

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Tutorial of using SketchUp with Mozilla Hubs

Features of Mozilla Hubs

When you enter a Hubs room you can interact with others and virtual objects. You can move around, chat to other users in the room via text or audio, create and manipulate objects, take photos, share your screen or camera, draw with a pen and more.

For additional information, see the Get started with Hubs by Mozilla article.

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Add video, audio, 3D models and images

You can add a variety of objects to Hubs rooms. We support 3D models, images, videos and PDFs from almost anywhere on the web including SketchFab, Google Poly, SoundCloud, YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, Crunchyroll and more. You can add media with the Create Object button or by pasting or dragging and dropping a URL onto the room. See more information here!

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Last modified: January 13, 2021