SketchUp Plugins 

Introducing a collection of Massey Spatial Design’s favourite plugins which are free to download or already exist within the SketchUp Application, they provide speciality modelling opportunities beyond the basic SketchUp functions. You can view the many SketchUp Plugin at the Extensions Warehouse


 With specialised Sandbox tools, you can create sculpt terrain, berms, ponds, terraced landscapes, and so on. The Smoove tool enables you to model hills and valleys on a TIN (triangulated irregular network). With the Add Detail tool, you can split a selection within a TIN into smaller triangles so that you can model detail where it’s needed.


View the Ultimate Guide to Sandbox Tools here!



ClothWorks is a cloth simulation Plugin for SketchUp which enables you to drape fabric over objects and also apply wind/create flags. View the download information for ClothWorks here. 


A helpful tutorial for creating a draping cloth simulation here!


Have you found a useful plugin? 

We would love to share your own plugin finds with everyone! Email Georgina, if you’ve found a good one! 

Last modified: January 15, 2021