Digital Workbook and Portfolio Creation

How to set up a blog and use it to document your work in progress and as a portfolio.
Tutor will be available for 1:1 help during the workshop.

  • Overview using free blogging platforms as a workbook (work in progress)
  • Overview using free blogging platforms as a portfolio (finished work)
  • Overview paid portfolio systems.
  • Overview linkedin and similar social media systems.
  • Overview physical portfolio do’s and don’ts
  • Individual help with blog/portfolio setup and advice.

Utilise existing technology to document your work during creation and after completion.

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Free: – Blog. Themes. Customizable. Advanced API available. – Portfolio. Themes. Paid option (custom url) Creative Industry Focused. – Blog. Themes. More customisable. – Blog. Google centric (Youtube etc). Themes. – Portfolio. Elite. Creative focussed. Invite only. – Portfolio/CV. Industry focussed.




Buy a Domain and link it to your Blog/Portfolio system. – Blog/Portfolio/Website – Extremely Customizable – Huge user base – Huge support and documentation – Huge 3rd party content library (plugins)




Physical Portfolio:

A collection of your best work to physically take in person.

Last modified: June 19, 2015