Space is political!

A spatial design community we are all active citizens and make our voices heard – your voice, like your work as a spatial designer, makes a difference!

You can vote on campus in the pyramid!
Go do it now!

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✨ Massive congratulations to our amazing lecturer Meg Rollandi for her recent project ‘a machine’ becoming a Best Awards finalist ✨ via Spacebook

Spatial Design Alumni

Attention Massey Spatial grads! We’re keen to know where you are and what you’re up to. If you have a moment to fill out this quick form to help us stay in touch we would really appreciate it. Also interested to know in particular who is in Wellington and would be keen to come chat to current students at some point.

From the Massey Spatial team 🙂 via Spacebook

Student Spatial | Best Awards

✨ Big congratulations to our stunning Best Awards finalists Steph, Kat, Carla and Saphera ✨ via Spacebook

How Architecture Affects Your Brain: The Link Between Neuroscience and the Built Environment


Don’t worry, Spatial designers got this. via Spacebook

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