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Holly Downer
Plastic and the Sea Turtle, MDes, 2020
2020 Best Awards ‘Student Digital’ Silver Winner’ 

This spatial design research project set out to explore an empathetic and immersive experience through the medium of virtual reality (VR) to create awareness of our human impacts on sea life in response to the media reportage of a sea turtle inhaling a plastic straw.

Holly Downer, MDes, 2020

Plastic and the Sea Turtle is a VR experience which visualises data in a manner which allows participants to experience a first-person perspective that is not typically accessible in our everyday lives. By taking on the perspective of a sea turtle, and experiencing the effect of human waste on the environment, it is suggested that the participant is prompted to have a more compassionate understanding of the plight of non-human beings, such as sea turtles.

1-BEST-Awards copyJack Dyer
Kumara Kids, 300 Level Studio, 2020

2020 Best Awards ‘Student Spatial’ Bronze Winner 

Kumara Kids responds to a project brief which calls for a small scale spatial design intervention to encourage transformational learning. This educational experience is to reflect cultural understandings embedded in Maori values / world view ideas of social relationships, interconnectedness with each other and our natural environment – it is to Tautoko our unique cultural heritage.



Jack Dyer, 300 level, 2020

The design proposition manifests as an educational experience for primary aged children, teaching the power of growing local produce as a sustainable way to feed our country. A spatial system facilitates learning following tikanga Māori processes to ritualise a sequence of interactions within the space. Children will learn and experience how to sustainably plant, grow and nurture through hands-on engagement in a culturally-responsive manner.


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