Archiving CryEngine levels

Archiving is different to saving in that you keep a copy of your level that is separate to the one you are working on, typically it’s best to do this at the end/beginning of every working session.

Folder System

  • Plan and Setup a folder system that makes sense for you.

I use numbers and dates in my folders like this:

C:\backups\cryengine levels archive\levels 001 february 2014\

C:\backups\cryengine levels archive\levels 002 february 2014\

Copy ALL the files

CryEngine levels are folders with multiple files inside them that are all dependant on one another (the level won’t work properly if some of the files are missing)

This is similar in the way Adobe inDesign (and loads of other applications) works, linked files need to be copied in the same folder structure system, relative to the main inDesign file.

  • For CryEngine, it’s simplest to copy the WHOLE levels folder:


  • Paste them in your archive folder



Last modified: March 15, 2014