Grasshopper is a parametric modelling module/plugin for the 3D modelling software Rhino.

Grasshopper currently only runs on Windows.

1. Boot into Windows.

2. Open Rhino

Click on the start menu and type “rhino”.


3. Run Grasshopper

Type “Grasshopper” into the command field in Rhino

Image 556


4. Draw a curve

In the “Top” view of Rhino, draw a simple control point curve. Press enter to finish the curve.

Image 560


5. Create a new Grasshopper document

In the Grasshopper window, click File, New.

Image 561

6. Insert an “Offset Curve” node

Double click in the Grasshopper document working area (the large gray grid underneath the buttons)

Type “Offset” into the text field

A list of nodes will come up, select the “Offset curve” node as shown below:

Image 562


the node should look like this:

Image 564


and add a grid to the Rhino view:

Image 565



7. Set the curve

Now insert a “Curve” node, use the set curve, it looks like this:

Image 566

Image 567



now select the curve you have drawn in Rhino:

Image 568



and right click on the curve node in grasshopper, select “Set one curve”

Image 569



8. Connect the nodes

Now drag the output of the curve node into the curve input of the offset node:

Image 570

rhino will preview the offset in red like this:

Image 571

9. Alter the Offset amount

Add a “Number Slider” node to grasshopper:

Image 572


link the slider to the “Distance” input of the offset node:

Image 573


slide the slider, look at the preview in Rhino (the offset line should change position)

Image 574



10. Play around

Here I’ve added some different nodes “Divide Curve”, “Vector XYZ”, “Extrude Point” and another number slider, and combined them like this :

Image 575

I’ve also changed the maximum value of the number sliders to 100.

Right click on the number slider node and alter the max value:

Image 578


the resulting mesh is a little crazy and the start of something interesting.

Image 577

11. Bake the grasshopper preview

Right click on what you want as a mesh, in this case it’s the

Image 579

Image 580

Image 581

Image 582

Image 583


Image 584

Last modified: September 15, 2014