logo Twinmotion is a 3D realtime visualisation and animation software. It is the result of a long-term relationship between the developer and international architecture firms. Twinmotion allows you to add, delete, add color, frame, add ornamentation, light and change your projects in real time, all in an interactive 3D environment thanks to its dedicated tools. You can express your creativity, your sensibilities; in other words, express your art in real time. Starting with the Twinmotion model, you can instantly generate images and video, whereas with the standard software on the market it takes several hours to generate your content. Dedicated to the needs of the architecture industry and more generally construction, urban planning and landscape architecture projects, Twinmotion offers industry tools adapted to the daily needs of firms throughout the life of their projects of any size, whether for urban planning, architecture or interior design.



For several years, Twinmotion has been committed to making education one of its priorities by offering special conditions to schools, teachers and students. Now Twinmotion makes annual licenses and a set of educational training tools available for free.

The Twinmotion student license is valid for one year and is renewable. To acquire a copy, send us a valid copy of your student ID for the current year via the dedicated on line form on this page. In case you are unable to submit a copy of your student ID, you may also send a copy of a photo ID and a document proving your enrollment in school.

Click here to register for a free copy:







Last modified: January 13, 2015