VectorWorks offers a full range of 2D, 3D, production management and presentation capabilities for all phases of the design process. In addition to offering traditional CAD tools, VectorWorks goes beyond CAD and allows its users to design with real-world components. Users can sketch ideas with lines, arcs, and circles, then build and document designs with real-world objects, such as walls and windows, cabinets and stairs, plants and patterned walkways, lights and trusses, and more. The objects are easy to edit and automatically display both in 2D and 3D views. VectorWorks 3D models can be generated out of 2D drawings, and vice versa.

Free student Version

To get a free student edition of Vectorwork follow the instructions at this link here


If you have any question or problems with working on VectorWorks, I recommend logging on the VectorWorks tech Forum and post a question. Very quick and helpful replies.

Vectorworks Tutorial:


Setting up VW for building information modeling

*remember to ‘save’ often and ‘save as’*

  1. document set up
  2. model setup
  3. create standard viewports
  4. classes – design layers – sheet layers
  5. creating a Title Block Also check out this video by vectorworks
  6. Placing a Title Block [make sure you use the right tool icon hold down title block icon to get]
  7. Setting out Bubble Grid
  8. updating model setup
  9. adding walls
  10. adding footings
  11. creating the floor
  12. creating a slopped roof
  13. creating a section viewport
  14. creating a slopped wall/floor
  15. steel columns
  16. adding floor joists
  17. adding roof framing
  18. editing viewports
  19. check out this VectorWorks 2008 product review: some great workflow hints
  20. adding other items and creating viewports
  21. dimensioning
  22. annotation


3rd Year Vectorworks Tutorial Playlist:

Importing DWG files into VectorWorks:


Vectorworks tutorials from 2013 (Specific to the 2013 Studio 4 state house project)


Last modified: January 29, 2019