File Management

Easy tips and tricks for managing and backing up your digital work. You never know when you’re going to need it!


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What is the best way to manage my files?

Portable Hard Drive: 
Invest in a USB portable Hard Drive  (1TB of storage would be sufficient to support your files throughout your degree). 

Online Storage:
Accessible from any location or device. Monthly payment subscription. 

iCloud: sign up + plans here

Dropbox: sign up + plans here

Google Drive: sign up + plans here 

On Campus:

H: drive. Offers a secure back up in the Massey system, thought this is only accessible while in the Massey Network and will be annually wiped. 

File Naming Systems

What works best for “future” you? The naming and management of digital assets is important to enable fast and easy interaction with files. When you head into the industry you will need to be organised and clear with your file naming habits. 

Spatial Design at Massey requires that all digital files handed in comply to our file naming
conventions and standards:




image>img | video>vid | drawing>dwg | model>mod

Don’t use Spaces and Non-Alphanumeric Characters:

We strongly recommend that you use only letters, numbers, hyphens and underscores on your file names. These are all safe for use on different operating systems and the internet.

Do not use spaces in the file name läs mer här – this will confuse some operating systems and cause errors in web pages.
Do not use special characters such as: ? / > < , ” ‘ ; : [ ] { } | \ ) ( * & ^ % $ # @ ! ~ ` + =


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Last modified: January 12, 2021