“A module of work in a particular subject that is identified by means of a unique code number. Each paper carries its own credit value.”

via www-ub.massey.ac.nz/~wwcalend/information/glossary.htm

This paper is 224.157 Space and it’s worth 15 credits.

224 = Spatial Design Department
1 = 1st year
57 = Space


“a thing able to be provided, especially as a product of a development process.”

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Items to complete for the week, keeping us on track for the final review and hand in. Typically work that needs to be complete for the following week.


  • 10 x site sketches
  • Draft Mihimihi Paragraph


“a piece of work to be done or undertaken.”

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Small actionable and achievable tasks or processes that work toward a deliverable.


  • Printout a site plan from SketchUp and physically draw into it.

On this website, tasks are usually indicated by a • (bullet-point) symbol.


“an account or explanation of a subject, printed or on a computer screen, intended for private study.”

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Usually this refers to a video tutorial that explains step-by-step how to do some particular task in a particular software.

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